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海明威曾说过:”假如你有幸年轻时在巴黎生活过, 那么你此后一生不论去到哪里,她都与你同在,因为巴黎,是时尚流动的盛宴。”

在我们大多数的心中都有-一个巴黎梦,卢浮宫的人文情怀,香榭丽舍的罗曼蒂克,交织成最美的梦境,透过风光流转的明媚微光,在隽永如诗如画的建筑中,在繁华似梦似锦的大街上,暖风微醺,塞纳河畔的独特风景,那是时光沉淀下来的法式浪漫。从某种意义上来说,真正的法式优雅,并不是夸张而奔放的张扬,而是属于高尚的格调和内敛的情怀,那是- -种任何表象的花哨与浮华都无从表达的格调。

In most of our hearts, there is a Paris Dream, the humanistic felings of the Louvre, theRomantic of the Champs Elysees, interwoven into the most beautiful dream, throughthe beautiful light flowing through the scenery,

in the meaningful and picturesque buildings, in the busy and dreamlike streets, thewarm wind, the unique scenery along the Seine River, which is the French romanceprecipitated by time. In a sense, the real French elegance is not exaggerated andunrestrained publicity, but a noble style and restrained mood, which can not beexpressed by any appearance of fancy and flashiness.

In the overall design, most designers will abandon the traditional French complex,miscellancous decorative shape and sweet color, and use the classic axis, symmetricallayout, combined with elegant spatial tone or geometric lines and elegant fashionablefurnishings, tocreate a French style of light luxury space style.